Vemma Uses Mangosteen as Key Ingredient

Mangosteen is an Asian fruit that has been used for centuries for good health. Now, science has analyzed its health giving properties and has found that it possibly has the greatest concentration of antioxidants of any naturally occurring plant in the world. Vemma has combined the whole fruit, juice, and pericarp (rind) of the mangosteen with other vitamins, plant-sourced minerals, aloe vera, and organic green tea, and calls it the Vemma Nutrition Program™ – Essential for Life!

Vemma’s recommended 2 ounces per day can be obtained in the juice or in an energy drink called Verve, which can be an effective boost when your energy level hits a low during the day. It comes as a delicious, refreshing 8 ounce energy drink, or as a 3 ounce shot that needs no refrigeration and can be carried in a purse or pocket for a quick energy kick.

After the company’s founders, BK, Lauren and Karen Boreyko, lost their parents to heart attack and cancer, they decided to use their family knowledge of network marketing to enter the health and nutrition market. Although that market is highly competitive and new companies are entering the market all the time, the siblings believed they could make a difference in the health of their nation, especially in re-educating parents and children about childhood obesity.

Replacing beverages that are high in sugar and caffeine with an energy drink that has health benefits seemed like a good product to start their new company. Having been in network marketing previously, the Boreyko’s wanted a simple product line that would not over-burden distributors and confuse customers.

With enthusiasm, positive thinking, and concern for the success of their distributors, Vemma has rocketed to being at the top of the health and wellness market in just 5 years.